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2019-03-20 New line : MERC
New line of figures, scale 28mm, the mercenaries

1. You live only for money, war and glory

2. You are forgetting your old life

3. Your only country, race, family are the Mercs

4. You can only leave when your contract is honoured

5. You respect your sponsor

6. You will not kill women or children, for there is no glory in doing so

7. Contravening one of the rules will include only one penalty, death




2019-03-12 Miss Lady of the lake


The Lady of the Lake is the new Pin-up, she leaves the lake to bring the Excalibur sword to King Arthur. Sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, 35mm scale, resin molding, limited series and numbered to 200 copies for the world.

Available in stock at CHF 19,50 or Euros 16,19 or USD 19.89



2019-03-03 Château de Morges from 5 to 8 March 2019

Tomorrow we will be at the Château de Morges, as every time we are invited, to thank our host, we come out a new room.

This time, will be the first piece of a new line of Pin-ups, including a set, created by Paolo Fabiani, Miss Lady-of-the-lake, 32mm scale, resin molding, limited series to 200 copies for the world with numbered certificate.

Available only at Château de Morges this week, then on our website.


2019-02-24 What will happen in 2019


 In fact, many things will happen, we are a bit like children, when you do not hear them, it is that you must be worry.

We have partnered with the Kings Figures and are resuming the distribution of Napoleonic pine-woods.
The pin-up series will be orenavant with a diorama
The dwarf lines will grow this year, along with other army coprs.
And on a global release for the Montreux Miniatures Show, we’re pulling out a brand-new 40K figurine line, hang them up and nothing will stop them...
First exhibition this year, at Château de Morges, from 4 March 2019 to 8 March 2019, from 10am to 5pm. The entire collection of our products will be present, plus a novelty specially for this exhibition, a pin-up, first release at the opening ...


2018-11-15 Steampunk - Miss Steelarm

New pin-up Steampunk - Miss Steelarm

This Pin-up comes to enlarge the collection pin-up scale 32mm, finely sculptured by Stavros Zouliatis, molding in resin, limited edition in 200 pieces world wild with numbered certificate.

Available this day on CHF 18, - either Euros 14.94 or USD 18.36