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2018-02-14 Miss Valentine's Day

We are in 1929, in Chicago, Al Capone give the order to attack the Bugs Moran from Norht Side, and it results the massacre of the St Valentine's Day.

Inspired by this tragedy, Miss St Valentine's Day is armed with a Thompson model 1928 with a drum and wearing a Borsalino hat.

Sculptured by Stavros Zouliatis, in scale 35mm, molding in resin, series limited to 200 copies for the world wide with numbered certificate. Drawing by Davide Tedeschi

Available this day in stock at the price of Euros 14.94 or USD 18.36 or CHF 18,--


2018-02-12 Miss Cupidon by Jaime De Garnica

This week-end we have news from our Jaime De Garnica, he just finish the Miss Cupidon, which is a wonderfull work on this model from our line of pin-up. Congratulation for this model.




2018-01-14 Miss Death

To begin well this new year, we present you our Miss Death, she is beautiful when she arrives to mow you, but it is her less afther she passed ...

Sculptered by Paolo Fabiain, in scale 35mm, molding in resin, series limited and numbered with certificate to 200 copies for the world. Drawings Daniel Prenleloup.


2017-12-23 Merry Christmas 2017

We wish you a Merry Christmas, and thanking you for your support during all this year, you customers, and sculptors and drawers, mould caster, post office and all our partners dealers. For 2018 we will still increase the Pin-Up range and Spetsdwarfs, dioramas too ..







2017-12-12 The return of the Angel

Long time ago, we have been working with Angel Giraldez for several Hunters and Predettes, time goes by and we finally have been again in contact with the great master painter Angel Giraldez, he did for our line the Pumkin-Witch ....