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2018-11-15 Steampunk - Miss Steelarm

New pin-up Steampunk - Miss Steelarm

This Pin-up comes to enlarge the collection pin-up scale 32mm, finely sculptured by Stavros Zouliatis, molding in resin, limited edition in 200 pieces world wild with numbered certificate.

Available this day on CHF 18, - either Euros 14.94 or USD 18.36

2018-11-15 FAMA - 2018 - Bulle

You are around of Bubble this weekend, then come and see me in the FAMA on the stand PREDASTORE, Espace Gruyère, Rue de Vevey 136, 1630 Bulle, on Saturday, 17.11.2018 from 10:00 am till 7:00 pm and Sunday from 18.11.2018 from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm, Price lists(Rates) Adult CHF 12, - AVS-AI and Students CHF 9, - Child ( 7 years) CHF 5,-. Hobbies, figures, trains, and small business sector on 5 ' 000m2


2018-09-04 Soon in stock - Wood base

Out of stock for a little time, the wood bases will be back in stock very soon. Our friend Philippe "Mustang" is working on them.




2018-05-24 Miss Tokyo

Miss Tokyo is a learned mixture enters one pin-up and Japanse samurai of legend.

She was sculptered by Paolo Fabiani, in scale 35mm, molding in resin, series limited to 200 pieces world wide with a numbered certificate.

Drawing by Davide Tedeschi.

Painted by Angel Giraldez.

2018-05-18 Steampunk diorama

We are launching a new range of diorama base 60mm, with more relief. This Steampunk diorama base has been sculpted by Stavros Zouliatis, casting in resin.

In stock today.