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2017-03-11 Montreux Miniature's Show 2017

Troop of support for the troop of shock, the Maxim-Gunners are always by 2, the carrying who is also the protector with his magnetic camp, and the shooter who is also the ammo carrier.
Sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, casting in resin, limited run of 300 pces for the world.
Specially release for the Montreux Miniature's Show, in stock at the show, and right now.
Price Euros 14.16 or USD 15.68 or CHF 16,--



Release also for the Montreux Miniature's Show, Miss Bullet, in the style Steampunk, beautifull but dangerouse. Sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, 35mm, casting in resin, limited edition of 250 pces with certicifate, drawing by Daniel Prenleloup.
Available in Montreux Miniature's Show, and in stock today.
Euros 15.93 or USD 17.64 or CHF 18,--


2017-02-13 Valentin's day ... Miss Cupid is now in stock

We take advantage of this newsletter, to announce you to all that this year of 2017, we did not find all right with FOX and cannot produce any more of Hunters and Predettes.

In every case, the last two years were sold more Predettes that Hunters, this fact the new collection takes this new bend for a new collection Sexy girl in the scale(ladder) 35mm, in limited edition.

You will find all the ingredients which made the success of the previous collection, the new ideas, the sculptors involved in the project, the casting incredibly precise, and especially the series limited with certificates to have always new models.

The first one is Miss Cupid, sculptured by Gautier Giroud. Limited edition to 250 numbered copies, molding in resin.


2016-11-17 Tank Riders

As everythime we participate in an exhibition (tomorrow the FAMA), we release specially for this event, a model, this time it is question of a set of two dwarfs sniper.

Those Spetsdwarfettes were sculpted by Paolo Fabiani. In scale 28mm, casting in resin, and it is not a limited edition. In stock today and at the FAMA.

Price for the set of 2 models in CHF 16,-- or Euros 14,16 or USD 15,65




2016-11-13 FAMA - 2016 - Bulle - Switzerland

FAMA - 5000 m2 showroom

On Friday, November 18th, 2016 from 5:00 pm till 8:00 pm, Saturday, November 19th, 2016 from 10:00 am till 8:00 pm, and finally on Sunday from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm, we shall be in the FAMA with Bubble in Switzerland.

As in every show or convention, we offer to 10 first ones to come to see us on our stand No. 39 mentionning they come from Facebook, a free present Predastore. 
ATTENTION, paying entrance to the show.

2016-09-27 The adventure start again

The last 8 months, I was absent in Predastore, I tried in vain to save my work, but I am unemployed. I am now going to have more time for Predastore, the adventure start again ...