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  • 2022 Montreux Miniatures Show 2022-04-21


    We are pleased to inform you that we will be participating in the Montreux Miniatures Show 2022 edition, which will be held at the Ominisports hall in Clarens, from 4 - 5 - 6 June 2022, free entrance.
    To celebrate this event, we will release a piece in the PIN-UP collection and in the MERC collection.
    Come and visit us

    We are pleased to inform you that we will be participating in the Montreux Miniatures Show 2022 edition, which will be held at the Ominisports hall in Clarens, from 4 - 5 - 6 June 2022, free entrance.

    To celebrate this event, we will release a piece in the PIN-UP collection and in the MERC collection.

    Come and visit us



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  • Partnerships with KINGS FIGURINES 2022-04-21

    For several years, we have been friends with Mr. Michel ZELLER, the founder of the brand KINGS FIGURINES, and we have decided on a partnership on resin figurines, and we are proud to announce it:



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  • New wave of MERC 2021-02-16

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  • Montreux Miniature's show 2020 2020-03-07




    Finaly we are back in Montreux Miniature's show, which held from Saturday 7th from 11h00 until 18h00, then Sunday 8th from 10h00 to 17h00.

    Each time we release a new figure for the show, this year it will be 7 new models :

    Merc - Kashir the bomber

    Merc - Keesha the gunslinger wife of Bulrog

    Merc - Tif-Haine the krill

    Merc - Wampas the incendery

    Pin-Up - Tenta the kraken's daughter

    Pin-Up - Freya the drunker

    Pin-Up - Mistress of volacanoes

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  • Black Friday 2019-11-29


    They are the crazy days, discount of -20 % with code BF2019 and even -30 % on some items with the code HF2019


    And you still have the free world wide shipping for any order over CHF 70,--

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  • FAMA - 2019 - Bulle 2019-11-12

    We will be in FAMA in Bulle, from Saturday the 16th from 10h00 until 19h00, then Sunday 17 from 10h00 until 17h00. We are offering 15 free entrances right now, contact us at

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  • Historia 2019 2019-11-06

    SION 9 - 10 November 2019
    We will be present at HISTORIA 2019, 20th exhibition and international competition of models and figurines.


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  • Green Walkers en stock 2019-09-02

    The infection began on planet 15034 and spread like a trail of powder throughout the universe. Goblins zombies are coming ...

    5 multiparts goblins zombies are sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, allowing a multitude of combinations. 28mm scale models, high quality resin molding.


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  • Green Walkers 2019-08-08


    A brand new collection will be released in September 2019, the GREEN WALKERS. This new 28mm scale figurine line specially made for Warhammer 40K, is sculpted by Paolo Fabiani just before he left to work for Gamesworkshop.




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  • Bulrog the renegade 2019-08-08

    Bulrog the renegade, is an orc that sells to the hightest bidder, his bestiality has no limit, no breeds frighten him.

    Sculpted by Roberto Chaudon, 35mm scale, in high quality resin moulding.



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  • Miss California 2019-08-08


    Miss California is undressing to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean on a warm California summer night.

    Scale 35mm, drawn and sculpted by Davide Tedeschi, resin casting, limited edition of 200 copies with certificate all numbered.


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  • MERC - Salentia 2019-07-21

    The salentias are living in groups on swampy planets, they are good swimmer and jumpers, their big globulus eyes make them fearsome killers day and night. Merc perfeckt for river areas and tripicale jungle.


    Availble in stock since today.

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  • Merc - Moloch 2019-03-25

    Moloch is from a reptile DNA, it is thus invisible on thermal sensors that make it a dreaded and formidable sniper.

    Sculpture by Didier Fancagne, 32mm, resin moulding.


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  • Merc - Tiglyon 2019-03-25

    Tiglyon is a mercenary from a planet covered with savannahs, where there are few water points, these are jealously guarded by fierce warriores such a Tiglyon.

    Sculpture by Gautier Giroud, 32mm scale, resin moulding.

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  • New line : MERC 2019-03-20

    New line of figures, scale 28mm, the mercenaries

    1. You live only for money, war and glory

    2. You are forgetting your old life

    3. Your only country, race, family are the Mercs

    4. You can only leave when your contract is honoured

    5. You respect your sponsor

    6. You will not kill women or children, for there is no glory in doing so

    7. Contravening one of the rules will include only one penalty, death




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  • Miss Lady of the lake 2019-03-12


    The Lady of the Lake is the new Pin-up, she leaves the lake to bring the Excalibur sword to King Arthur. Sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, 35mm scale, resin molding, limited series and numbered to 200 copies for the world.

    Available in stock at CHF 19,50 or Euros 16,19 or USD 19.89



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  • Château de Morges from 5 to 8 March 2019 2019-03-03

    Tomorrow we will be at the Château de Morges, as every time we are invited, to thank our host, we come out a new room.

    This time, will be the first piece of a new line of Pin-ups, including a set, created by Paolo Fabiani, Miss Lady-of-the-lake, 32mm scale, resin molding, limited series to 200 copies for the world with numbered certificate.

    Available only at Château de Morges this week, then on our website.


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  • What will happen in 2019 2019-02-24


     In fact, many things will happen, we are a bit like children, when you do not hear them, it is that you must be worry.

    We have partnered with the Kings Figures and are resuming the distribution of Napoleonic pine-woods.
    The pin-up series will be orenavant with a diorama
    The dwarf lines will grow this year, along with other army coprs.
    And on a global release for the Montreux Miniatures Show, we’re pulling out a brand-new 40K figurine line, hang them up and nothing will stop them...
    First exhibition this year, at Château de Morges, from 4 March 2019 to 8 March 2019, from 10am to 5pm. The entire collection of our products will be present, plus a novelty specially for this exhibition, a pin-up, first release at the opening ...


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  • Steampunk - Miss Steelarm 2018-11-15

    New pin-up Steampunk - Miss Steelarm

    This Pin-up comes to enlarge the collection pin-up scale 32mm, finely sculptured by Stavros Zouliatis, molding in resin, limited edition in 200 pieces world wild with numbered certificate.

    Available this day on CHF 18, - either Euros 14.94 or USD 18.36

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  • FAMA - 2018 - Bulle 2018-11-15

    You are around of Bubble this weekend, then come and see me in the FAMA on the stand PREDASTORE, Espace Gruyère, Rue de Vevey 136, 1630 Bulle, on Saturday, 17.11.2018 from 10:00 am till 7:00 pm and Sunday from 18.11.2018 from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm, Price lists(Rates) Adult CHF 12, - AVS-AI and Students CHF 9, - Child ( 7 years) CHF 5,-. Hobbies, figures, trains, and small business sector on 5 ' 000m2


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  • Soon in stock - Wood base 2018-09-04

    Out of stock for a little time, the wood bases will be back in stock very soon. Our friend Philippe "Mustang" is working on them.




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  • Miss Tokyo 2018-05-24

    Miss Tokyo is a learned mixture enters one pin-up and Japanse samurai of legend.

    She was sculptered by Paolo Fabiani, in scale 35mm, molding in resin, series limited to 200 pieces world wide with a numbered certificate.

    Drawing by Davide Tedeschi.

    Painted by Angel Giraldez.

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  • Steampunk diorama 2018-05-18

    We are launching a new range of diorama base 60mm, with more relief. This Steampunk diorama base has been sculpted by Stavros Zouliatis, casting in resin.

    In stock today.

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  • Funeral 2018-02-26


    My mother died this weekend, I shall be absent for his funeral for a week.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    My mother died this weekend, I shall be absent for his funeral for a week.

    Thank you for your understanding.


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  • Miss Valentine's Day 2018-02-14

    We are in 1929, in Chicago, Al Capone give the order to attack the Bugs Moran from Norht Side, and it results the massacre of the St Valentine's Day.

    Inspired by this tragedy, Miss St Valentine's Day is armed with a Thompson model 1928 with a drum and wearing a Borsalino hat.

    Sculptured by Stavros Zouliatis, in scale 35mm, molding in resin, series limited to 200 copies for the world wide with numbered certificate. Drawing by Davide Tedeschi

    Available this day in stock at the price of Euros 14.94 or USD 18.36 or CHF 18,--


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  • Miss Cupidon by Jaime De Garnica 2018-02-12

    This week-end we have news from our Jaime De Garnica, he just finish the Miss Cupidon, which is a wonderfull work on this model from our line of pin-up. Congratulation for this model.




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  • Miss Death 2018-01-14

    To begin well this new year, we present you our Miss Death, she is beautiful when she arrives to mow you, but it is her less afther she passed ...

    Sculptered by Paolo Fabiain, in scale 35mm, molding in resin, series limited and numbered with certificate to 200 copies for the world. Drawings Daniel Prenleloup.


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  • Merry Christmas 2017 2017-12-23

    We wish you a Merry Christmas, and thanking you for your support during all this year, you customers, and sculptors and drawers, mould caster, post office and all our partners dealers. For 2018 we will still increase the Pin-Up range and Spetsdwarfs, dioramas too ..







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  • The return of the Angel 2017-12-12

    Long time ago, we have been working with Angel Giraldez for several Hunters and Predettes, time goes by and we finally have been again in contact with the great master painter Angel Giraldez, he did for our line the Pumkin-Witch ....



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  • BLACK FRIDAY WEEK 2017-11-26

    During a week pour any order for the items in stock,

    over Euros 54, - or USD 59, - or CHF 60, -

    mailing charges are free for the world wide.

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  • FAMA - 2017 - Bulle 2017-11-14

    We will be at the FAMA 2017 in Bulle at the Espace Gruyère, from saturday 18 november 2017 until 19 november 2017, with all our range of products.

    Parking is available on place, be advise that you have to pay the entrance.

    For the 15th first customers to come to our place, we will offert free of charge a model kit "Hunter Eagle" here below pictured.



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  • IN STOCK NOW - Miss Pumkin-Witch 2017-11-06

    Fresh from the caster, the Pumpkin-Wicht is now in stock. All pre-order will be ship out tomorrow 07.11.2017. For the others, she is available at Euros 15.93 or USD 17.64 or CHF 18,--. As usual for the pin-up she will come with the limited certificat numbered.

    Drawing and sculpting Davide Tedeschi.



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  • Miss Pumpkin-Witch 2017-10-15

    In every Halloween, we are going to bring out a witch, quite more beautiful the some than the others, the first one is "Miss Pumkin-Witch" finely sculptured by Davide Tedeschi, in the scale 32mm, molding in resin, series limited to 200 copies for the wolrd wide, all with numbered certificat.

    PRE-ORDER. Available first week of november




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  • AMPEXPO 2017 - Expo - Concours 2017-09-03

    Figurine show - Competition

    AMPEXPO 2017

    We are proud to announce you that we will particapte of the first figurine show - competition made by AMPEX, in Cossonay/VD, in salle Coss Arena, Saturday 23.09.2017 from 12h00 until 19h00 and Sunday from 10h00 until 17h00. You will found all our products for sale in the place.

    Like usual they will be a special surprise for this evenement.


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  • New diorama - Steampunk 1 2017-06-07


    For increase our collection "Green" we asked Goldfishofjustice to made one diorama 60mm base of style "Steampun" to go with our Pin-Up "Miss Bullet".

    Soon available in stock



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  • New Pin-Up : Miss Bunny 2017-06-04


    A new figure comes to grow up the collection of "Pin-Up", she is Miss Bunny, sculptered by Gautier Giroud, she is the assistant of the Rabbit of Easter, scale 35mm, molding in resin, limited edition and numbered to 200 copies for the world.



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  • Montreux Miniature's Show 2017 2017-03-11

    Troop of support for the troop of shock, the Maxim-Gunners are always by 2, the carrying who is also the protector with his magnetic camp, and the shooter who is also the ammo carrier.
    Sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, casting in resin, limited run of 300 pces for the world.
    Specially release for the Montreux Miniature's Show, in stock at the show, and right now.
    Price Euros 14.16 or USD 15.68 or CHF 16,--



    Release also for the Montreux Miniature's Show, Miss Bullet, in the style Steampunk, beautifull but dangerouse. Sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, 35mm, casting in resin, limited edition of 250 pces with certicifate, drawing by Daniel Prenleloup.
    Available in Montreux Miniature's Show, and in stock today.
    Euros 15.93 or USD 17.64 or CHF 18,--


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  • Valentin's day ... Miss Cupid is now in stock 2017-02-13

    We take advantage of this newsletter, to announce you to all that this year of 2017, we did not find all right with FOX and cannot produce any more of Hunters and Predettes.

    In every case, the last two years were sold more Predettes that Hunters, this fact the new collection takes this new bend for a new collection Sexy girl in the scale(ladder) 35mm, in limited edition.

    You will find all the ingredients which made the success of the previous collection, the new ideas, the sculptors involved in the project, the casting incredibly precise, and especially the series limited with certificates to have always new models.

    The first one is Miss Cupid, sculptured by Gautier Giroud. Limited edition to 250 numbered copies, molding in resin.


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  • Tank Riders 2016-11-17

    As everythime we participate in an exhibition (tomorrow the FAMA), we release specially for this event, a model, this time it is question of a set of two dwarfs sniper.

    Those Spetsdwarfettes were sculpted by Paolo Fabiani. In scale 28mm, casting in resin, and it is not a limited edition. In stock today and at the FAMA.

    Price for the set of 2 models in CHF 16,-- or Euros 14,16 or USD 15,65




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  • FAMA - 2016 - Bulle - Switzerland 2016-11-13

    FAMA - 5000 m2 showroom

    On Friday, November 18th, 2016 from 5:00 pm till 8:00 pm, Saturday, November 19th, 2016 from 10:00 am till 8:00 pm, and finally on Sunday from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm, we shall be in the FAMA with Bubble in Switzerland.

    As in every show or convention, we offer to 10 first ones to come to see us on our stand No. 39 mentionning they come from Facebook, a free present Predastore. 
    ATTENTION, paying entrance to the show.

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  • The adventure start again 2016-09-27

    The last 8 months, I was absent in Predastore, I tried in vain to save my work, but I am unemployed. I am now going to have more time for Predastore, the adventure start again ...


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  • Lauréat Montreux Figurines Show 2016 2016-03-19

    We are very pround to announce you that Antonin Delanoe, who works for us as painter for more than 2 years, have been pricewinner at the Montreux Figurines Show 2016, in the categorie Figurines-Fantastiques-Master with the Silver Medal with our Stormpredette limited edition (out of stock).

    Congratulation Antonin ...


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  • S.T.T.C - Speatsdwarfs 2016-03-15

    We have to rename the SEPTSNAINS, as 92 % of our purchasers are english spoken, now they are the SPETSDWARFS.

    For the Montreux Firgurines Show 2016, we have done the 1st release of the trio of S.T.T.C. which means Spetsdwarfs Team Tunnel Cleaner, which are the specialists to clean the corridors of a dwarf spaceship infested by ennemies.

    Scupted by Paolo Fabiani, casting in resin not limited, scale 28mm for 40K.

    Today in stock at CHF 9,-- or Euros 7.96 or USD 8.86 per model


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  • Montreux Miniature's show 2016 2016-02-11

    It is with an immense pleasure that we announce you that we participate again this year in Miniature's Montreux Show 2016.



    She(It) will take place in Switzerland(Swiss) in 1815 Clarens, in the room Omnisport from 12 till 13 March 2016, on Saturday from 11:00 am till 6:00 pm and on Sundays from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm.

    We are specially going to bring out for this opportunity " Speed-Hunter " and new Spetsnains. Furthermore, we reserve you on the spot a competition to win figurines 28mm, but hush it is another secret.







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  • Spetsnains are coming .... 2015-12-24

    The ice-cold wind was sweeping the freshly fallen snow. The banister of the vessel fell heavily on the icy ground. The lights on each side got clearer, creating a bluish halo in a whirlwind of snowflakes. A man of small stature came down the banister, his braids beating in the wind, and stood firmly on his muscular legs. Then, he slid the right hand under his thick Dastumes fur coat, of the Planet Kuhl-Hunter, caressing the stick of his Mauselaire C69 loaded with 300 stings. He had owed his survival only to his atavistic and almost animal distrust.

    Suddenly, coming from the stratosphere of this glacial planet, lights appeared, announcing a vessel whose power threw snow in all directions. The man, blinded, protected his eyes with his powerful and rough hands, witnesses of the numerous past years in metal labour.

    A glittering light coming from the inside blinded the man. He saw an immense silhouette take shape, a long cape floating in the frosty wind. The newcomer, whose metallic boots’ hammering dimmed the weighing silence, went down with a haughty walk, his helmet under the arm, his dreadlocks flying according to the wind.

    He stopped a few steps away from the small man. The latter sketched a smile. Lord Hunter greeted him with a movement of the head and turned around, everything whilst supporting himself on his wrist-blade, to watch four tip trucks sliding slowly off the banister. They overflowed of Mameth’s ivory, aquatic séfirs’ teeth and a multitude of various and precious furs.

    The small man examined scrupulously their contents, then pressed on a small remote control which was in his pocket and a container flew by electro-magnetization to him.

    The mandibles of the Hunter slammed! Apparently, he seemed perfectly satisfied by opening the container. Inside were armours, shoulder artillery, sabres and various knives, telescopic lances, flying disks, as well as several sets of wrist blades.

    The Hunter greeted by reverence, and the small man replied to him by placing his hand on his heart. The Hunter followed the container by a fast step which rose in its vessel. The banister closed in a banging and a cloud of snow swept the square. The vessel took off towards the stars, by disappearing in the firmament of the constellations.

    The small man uttered a whistling; followed by six electric cracklings which formed a circle around the location of the Hunter vessel and appeared, as if by magic, their camouflage which had concealed themselves having extinguished, men just as small and stocky, all heavily armed. They grouped together and all burst out in a hollow laughter: another bargain made!

    Hunters and Predettes are unmistakably the best hunters of the galaxy, but the Dwarfs will always be the best blacksmiths of the universe. But excellence has a price, and nobody would want to venture themselves to swindle them, the Dwarfs are by far too dangerous.


    The Spetsnains scout are deployed, they are the first one to de dropped on the zone ...

    Youri the Vulcannair carrier and smoker, Stanilav the exper in communication and the jumper, sprinter Yvan.

    They are all in stock today, price by unit is CHF 9,-- or Euros 8.01 or USD 8.82

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  • A new line 2015-09-25

    The galaxy of the Hunters got several planets, but the univers got also several kinds of creatures.
    We have been in contact since 1984 with Cedragon, the painter of several of our 1/6 model lines, he decided to creat a new kind of living, and as we are working together for such a long time, we offer him to joint on our e-shop.
    We keep the secret again few weeks, just to let you know, that they are tiny, musculated and heavy armed creatures coming soon ...


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  • Dioramas 60mm 2015-09-19

    We added several dioramas bases in 60mm, casted in resin, but this line will not be limited edition.



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  • Menton Figurines Show 2015 2015-08-24

    We should have participate to the Menton Figurines Show 2015,which will held in the Palais de l'Europe on the 12-13 September 2015 in Mention in the the south of the France. But unfortunately, professionnaly we could not be there this year.

    This Figurine Show is done by the Association du Grognard, and we offer them 50 x Fast-Hunter to give free to the 50 first visitors at the Mention Figurine Show.



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  • Montreux Figurines Show 2015-03-13

    As we announced you we will be in Montreux Figurines Show 2015.

    As it is our first show, we will release earlier at the show

    28mm026 Predosien-Dragonne sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, and several diorama bases 60mm for the Predosien line, sculpted by Gold Fish of Justice.

    The 25 first people to visit us at the stand, will get a free gift, do not forget to ask us for your free gift when you will meet us.



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  • 14th and 15th March 2015 - Montreux Miniature's show 2015-02-06

    The week-end of the 14th and 15th March 2015 will held in Clarens (just near Montreux) the Montreux Figurine's show. We have visited several years and this year we will be there with all our lines of products, the 1/6 and the 28mm, plus specially for this occasion we will sale in advance the model which should be release only at the end of the month of March, the Harrow-Predette sculpted by Paolo Fabiani.

    You could also meet the two swiss peinters who does now the model of our art boxes, Mr. Delanoe and Mr. Borel, it is during the last year Montreux Figurine's show that we meet them.




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  • New painter - Antonin Delanoe 2015-01-19

    A new painter joigned us, it is a Swiss painter name Antonin Delanoe, that we meet also in Montreux Miniatures Show in 2014. Hereby you will found the list of the prices won :

    Eurominiatures in 2012 in Payerne (Switzerland) Bronze Master

    Fantask Open in 2012 in Lyon (France) Silver confirmed and best of the show display

    Montreux Miniatures Show in 2012. Gold confirmerd and special price for souvenir fantastic

    Lugdunum Show in 2013 in Lyon (France). Gold confirmed

    Fantask Open in 2013. Gold confirmed, best of the show display, a price for speed painting and master paint.

    Lugdunum Show in 2014. Argent master

    Montreux Miniatures Show in 2014. Argent master et price from Montreux town.


    (on left of the picture)

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  • New painter - Eric Borel 2015-01-19

    A new painter joigne us, Mr. Eric Borel, who we meet last year at the Montreux Figurines show in Switzerland. Hereby you will found the list of the prices that he won :


    World Expo : Certificat of merite in catégoria master (2002)

    Gérone : Gold

    Montreux : Best of the show (2010)

    Montreux : Argent (2011)

    2011 until 2014 : Expo UNIDE in Yverdon (Switzerland) initiation of painting

    World Expo certificat de mérite, catégorie master (2002)


    (in front of the picture)

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  • Shipping cost increase + Good news 2015-01-08

    Huntill 2014 we use to ship from France. But we just have been inform by the France post that the shipping costs for parcel are increased. For exemple for the classical parcel for the 28mm, the price will be higher of more than 4 Euros.

    For the moment we will keep our price like in 2014. Then we will check all products with the shipping costs and we will have to adjust the prices.

    Good news, we change the exchange rates and it is better this year for you.

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  • Holydays from 11.10.2014 untill 26.10.2014 2014-10-07

    I have been working for the same company during the last 30 years, and I won a trip, I will be out of business from 11.10.2014 untill 26.10.2014.

    No order will be send during this periode of time

    No answer to mails will be done during that time

    Las delay for doing your orders will be 07.10.2011, then after the order could not be mail.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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  • Part. 3 - Kuhl-Hunter 2014-07-21

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  • Part. 2 - The univers of the Hunters 2014-07-21

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  • Part. 1 - A new breed 2014-07-21

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  • Stresa World Model Expo 2014 2014-07-05

    The next week-end will be in Stresa in the north of the Italia, the "Stresa Wolrd Model Expo 2014" which will held from Friday 11 and Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 July 2014. We will be there in visitors on Saturday 12 this year, it will be easy to found us, we will have a T-shirt black with the logo of Predastore in white.

    It be a pleasure to meet you there ....



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  • Oups-Predette from Paolo Fabiani 2014-06-06

    This is the new model sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, Oups-Predette, the idea of this model, be that to catch a prey, you need a bait, in this case the bait are the charms of the Predette herself.

    Limited run of 300 pieces world wide, casting in resin, scale 28mm.

    Price be Euros 10,79 or USD 14,82 or CHF 13,--


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  • Jean-Marc Brisset painter also .... 2014-05-13

    We discover with a huge pleasure that M. Jean-Marc Brisset got several talents, he is a great sculptor but he is also a wonderfull painter, lool at his work on the model of Allan Carrasco, Excecutioner-Hunter.



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  • New sculptor - Jean-Marc Brisset 2014-05-13

    Jean-Marc Brisset belong to those sculptor that we contact them recently to join our team of sculptors, hereby you will discover the beginning of this master.



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  • New sculptor - Arnaud Bellier 2014-05-05

    Arnaud Bellier is a new sculptor coming from the e-mail that you provide us from the Wanted message.

    Here it is the beginning of his master.



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  • Huntress-Predette by Gael Goumon 2014-04-26

    Huntress-Predette is the new model sculpted by Gael Goumon, she has a walk very sexy but she gots heavy weapons, she live on the Lasha-Hunter planet, which is very hot and with volcanos.

    Casting in resin, limited run at 300 pieces world wide, the price be in CHF 13,-- or Euros 10,79 or USD 14,82.

    The painted version has been made by Angel Giraldez.


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  • Sculptors .... 2014-04-14

    Recently we ask for a search for several sculptors, and we thank all the people that help us to contact them.


    Some have answer, yes for a master and they are : Nelly Auffret (finally a woman), Arnaud Bellier, Christian Hardy, David Ayral et Roberto Chaudon


    And they are welcome.

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  • New product - 28mm 2014-04-14

    We are going to launch a new product in the 28mm collection.

    As you certainly notice, we are showing our models on diorama bases 60mm round shape, which be after fixe on a round wood base.

    The first diorama will be dedicated to the Water-Hunterwolrd, this base 60mm has been made by Goldfish of justice and be very soon in stock.



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  • Victory-Hunter 2014-03-28

    Victory-Hunter is the 3rd of the deadly trio of gladiators made for us by Allan Carrasco. He is in a victory position, with his huge muscles. He is natif from the planet Rasik-Hunter just like the 2 other ones.

    This model is at scale 28mm, the casting is in resin, the kit need to be build and paint by yourself, limited run of 300 pieces world wide.

    In stock today, at the price of CHF 13,-- or Euros 10.79 or USD 14.82


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  • Information on mailing charges for 28mm 2014-03-28

    According to the new price from post in France, we give you the information for the shipping, and packaging cost for the 28mm models, like follow :


    Shipping cost for 2014 CHF Euros USD
    01 à 04 models  fr.       14,40  €        12,00  $        16,55
    05 à 08 models  fr.       16,40  €        13,66  $        18,85
    12 à 16 models  fr.       18,40  €        15,33  $        21,14
    17 à 21 models  fr.       22,00  €        18,33  $        25,28
    22 à 26 models  fr.       25,60  €        21,33  $        29,42
    27 à 31 models  fr.       29,20  €        24,33  $        33,56
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  • Reward - Wanted 2014-03-22


    E-mails found : Maxim Corbeil - Roberto Chaudron - Nelly Auffret - Stephane Guerry - Sylvain Quierrion - Christian Hardy - Olivier Bredy - Steve Party.

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  • Lord-Snow-Hunter 2014-03-07

    Lord-Snow was the 1st from the Planet Khul-Hunter that we show you, now it is time to have a look at the Lord-Snow-Hunter. This model has been sculpted by Gauthier Giroud, we found on this new one, the same idea of the 1st piece that he did for us (Crossbow-Predette), many movement on the model, creating this frozen image of his native planet.

    Scale 28mm, cast in resin, limited run of 300 pieces world wide.




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  • 2014 - Paolo Fabiani the return 2014-02-08

    Paolo Fabini is back this year, he accepted the contract to do 3 masters for us, but he decided to do them in one shot, not during all the year. Here are the first pictures received ....


    No. 1 Oups-Predette



    No. 2 Arrow-Predette



    No. 3 Chainsaw-Predette


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  • Archer-Predette 2014-02-01

    Archer-Predette has been sculpted by Gael Goumon, he did a Predette who is hunting in the planet Khul-Hunter,  she is aiming with her bow, she is covered with heavy clothes to fight the windy and cold weather planet.

    Casting in resin, scale 28mm, limited run of 300 pieces world wide.

    Price Euros 9.96 or USD 13.68 or CHF 12,--



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  • Snow-Hunter canon plasma 2014-02-01

    We discover that during the casting, the caster forget to do the canon plasma, as soon as we discover this problem, we ask to cast 300 canon plasma. Actually the stocks of Snow-Hunter are including this missing canon plasma. The customers who purchase before, will receive by letter the canon plasma.

    We are sorry for this troube, independant to our wish.

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  • Year 2014 2014-01-24

    We wish you our best wishes for 2014. But what will happen this year on Predastore ????


    Obviously, we will try to release a new model in the collection 28mm each month, will be back again this year and confirm because they start already to sculpt for us, Allan Carrasco, Paolo Fabiani, Zak Valentin and some news sculptors are coming ....


    We talked to you about the solar system of Hunters, we are going to tell you the genesis of the Hunters, and it appear a new breed, the pretorian guard of the Hunter Solar system, why should it be pretorian guards if the Hunter are so good in hunting ???? We will give you all the information this year.


    In 2013 we increase the offer on the scale 28mm with a turn-table, we will provide you more accessories this year on this scale, stay tuned.


    Our success also belongs to you, 2014 will be a interesting year ...

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  • Predette-Ursula 2013-12-17

    Predette-Ursula is sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, this time this model is a Predette carrying all diving material for hunting under the seas. Scale 32mm, cast in resin, limited run of 300 pieces world wide.



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  • Ursula-Predette 2013-12-17

    We talk this summer 2013 about the double Ursulas, they are now available, Ursula-Predette, sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, be a Predette going back home after a day of hunting under the seas ...

    Scale 28mm, casting in resin, limited run at 300 pieces world wide.

    Now in stock today.


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  • Jingle bells ...... Snow-Hunter 2013-11-23

    Seems that snow is now at our door ....

    Last year you ask for a Hunter living in a cold world and winding, now we are releasing the "Snow-Hunter" coming directely from the natif planet "Kuhl-Hunter". This model has been sculpted by Didier Francagne, it show relly the coldnes of this winding world. Casting in resin, scale 28mm and limited run of 300 pieces world wide.

    In stock now



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  • Information on prices 2013-10-12

    As we are offering you to purchase in different monney, unfortnunately we will have to change the exchange rates, some monney used, they felt down. We will have to change the rates only from the 01st November 2013.

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  • In stock today : Aqua-Hunter 2 2013-10-12

     We just received the casting of Aqua-Hunter 2, sculpted by Zak Valentin, showing a Hunter under the seas, aiming on his prey with his wrist weapon. You can see the movement under the water thru all the model, on feet lying on a small seafloor display base.We name it Aqua-Hunter 2, the number 2 is that because we already produce an Aqua-Hunter but in scale 1/6.
    Limited run of 300 pièces world wide, casting in resin, model kit which need to be build and paint by yourself. In stock today, at the price of : USD 14.73 ou Euros 11.20 ou CHF 14,--
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  • For the first time .... 2013-10-11

    For the first time ...

    We have a new sculptor, Paolo Fabiani from Italia, who makes an incredible sculptur in 28mm that we decide to make 2 versions.

    The first one that we call "Predette-Ursula" is coming from a waterworld, she is very her armour, diving mask and weaponery. The second one she will be not wearing her armour, and we named her "Ursula-Predette".

    Discover those masters pieces ....




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  • Deux nouvelles sculptures de Gael Goumon 2013-08-29

    Gael Goumon give us, 2 new models.


    1. Mermaid-Predette, the idea of this model is base on your wish that many of you gave us end of last year, a Predette hunting in a water world. She is in a very feminin position of swimming. Castin in resin, limited run of 300 pces world wide.




    2. Stalking-Hunter, in a very classical position of Hunter, just waiting the right time to hunt. Casting in resin, limited run of 300 pces world wide.




    Both are right now in stock ....

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  • Vacations from 15.07 untill 21.07.2013 2013-07-04

    We announce you that we will be in vacation one week.

    From the 15th July 2013 untill the 21th July 2013

    They will be no answers to any mails, and orders will be done from date to date. Thanks for your understanding.

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  • New sculptor Paolo Fabiani 2013-06-29

    We have been contacted by a new sculptor, Paolo Fabiani, he send us several pictures of his work and we decided to ask him to do for our line the "Mermaid-Predette 2".

    Here it is the first pictures received ....




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  • Victory-Hunter from Allan Carrasco 2013-06-14

    Executioner-Hunter just coming out, that Allan Carrasco give us the 1st picture of the third and last one Gladiators-Hunters.

    Here is coming the Victory-Hunter ......



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  • Stalking-Hunter from Gael Goumon 2013-06-14

    Gael Goumon well know in our univers of Hunters for his wonderfull Predettes, decide to do a Hunter, this one will stalking, ready to jump after his prey ....

    Here it is the first pictures of Stalking-Hunter. The mould and casting is starting now.



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  • Tromblon-Hunter in coulours 2013-06-07

    We just received the pictures made by Sky in Hong-Kong for our model which will be on the art boxe.




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  • Executioner-Hunter from Allan Carrasco 2013-06-07

    Announced with "Death-Dealer", Allan Carrasco decide at that time to do for us 3 Gladiators, this is the second one, "Executioner-Hunter", who is coming from the planet Rasik-Hunter, planet were the fauna is huge, which crea larger size Hunters, this one is more large and big.

    Casting in resin, limited run of 300 pieces world wide. In stock today.

    Prix : Euros 12.80 ou USD 16.83 ou CHF 16,--



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  • Crossbow-Predette from Gautier Giroud 2013-06-07

    This first master done by Gautier Giroud. this be a Predette hunting with a crossbow, she is entering in the water, with a good idea, a small display. Scale 28 mm, casting in resin, limited run of 300 pieces world wide. Available in stock now.


    Price : Euros 10,40 or USD 13.68 or CHF 13,--



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  • Shipping Tromblon-Hunter 2013-05-23

    Due to heavy rains and food in Hong-Kong, casting has take longer, the shipping are starting today until beginning of next week, please remember that 78 kits should be ship and it will takes time at post office. Anyway, each customer will be inform as soon as we will have the parcel numbers to track it. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

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  • Obsèques 2013-05-17

    Due to several mails concerning your orders, I am sorry to inform you that I am taking a week-off to prepare the funerals, my father die the 12 May 2013 and I am taking care of my mother and familly. You will have news of your orders next week, as soon as I will be back.

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  • Pre-order : Untill-Death 4 - Tromblon-Hunter 2013-04-22

    Pre-order of Untill-Death 4 - Tromblon-Hunter

    As we have several asking to order this model in pre-order, we decide to make a special price, in case of pre-order, we offer you the mailing charges free (- USD 45,--). The kit be available in our stock in 3 - 4 weeks.

    Sculpted and very detailled by Narin, scale 1/6, cast in full resin, Tromblon-Hunter kit will includ the diorama base with Divinity De-Rohr. Kit to build and paint by yourself.

    Limited run of 100 pieces world wide.



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  • 2Blades-Hunter in stock ... 2013-04-19

    This new Hunter has been sculpted by the french artist Mohand at scale 28mm, from the planet Lasha-Hunter. This Hunter is ready to use his 2 wrist-blades, from the dreadlocks until the feets, everything is showing the movement of the model.

    Cast in resin, limited run of 300 pieces.

    In stock today .....


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  • En travail - Snow-Hunter 2013-04-11

    Last year, we asked all the people who subscribe the newsletter, which Hunter the prefer to see coming out this year. The first idea was a Hunter living on a cold planet, covered by snow and heavy wind, we call this planet Khul-Hunter. And the model will be Snow-Hunter.

    The first sculptor who decide to do this model, is M. Giroud Gautier, who did alreay for us the incredible "Crossbow-Predette" which will be available in May 2013. M. Giroud like before make us a draw of his idea of the Snow-Hunter .....



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  • Austral-Hunter in stock 2013-04-11

    A new piece is in stock now, it is the Austral-Hunter, this model has been sculpted by Sebastian Archer, this Hunter is carrying the wrist blades and a shoulder canon, posed on a small diorama making the movement of the model.

    This Hunter is coming from Lasha-Hunter planet, which is very dry, and covert by desert, where lives only dangerous creatures.

    Limited run of 300 pieces world wide, cast in resin, and with our new blister packaging.


    Painted by Angel Giraldez



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  • Running-Hunter by Dimitry 2013-02-12

    A new painter just joign us, his name is Dimitry, he got a new approche of the skin, and he found a interesting way to do metal colours. We gave him for a starting piece the "Running-Hunter" here it is his work ....


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  • Spear-Hunter and Bone-Hunter small stock 2013-02-04

    A shop that is carrying our line of 28 mm, just return to us a tiny quantities of Spear-Hunter and Bone-Hunter, which both were limited at 100 pieces world wide, our 1st models 28 mm. They are today in stock ....

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  • Packging and shipping 2013-01-28

    We change our packaging of products, and by the same time we have to change our way of shipping and now we are using a new kind of boxes for the shipping which could accept maximum 4 models inside.

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  • Exchange rate of USD will be change 2012-12-28

    We are sorry to inform that we will have to change the exchange rate of the USD for the end of January.

    For our friends purchasing in USD we will keep the actual rate another month, after we are really sorry but we will have to do the new exchange rate, USD fall too much. We could not still sale a that rate.

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  • Running-Hunter in colours 2012-12-10

    This is the 1st version of "Running-Hunter" done by Angel Giraldez.



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  • Troublon-Hunter - News 2012-11-26

    Here it is some pictures of the Tromblon-Hunter, last piece of the quatuor of "Until Death" this model is sculpted by Narin ...




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  • RIGHT NOW IN STOCK : Running-Hunter 2012-11-02

    We inform you previously that Mr. Siegel was working on a master for us, RUNNING-HUNTER, the model in now in stock. Cast in resin, limited run at 300 pieces word wide. In a very dinamic position of running ...



    Price (including mailing charges world wide)  in USD 19,-- or Euros 14.06 or CHF 19,--

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