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2019-09-02 Green Walkers en stock

The infection began on planet 15034 and spread like a trail of powder throughout the universe. Goblins zombies are coming ...

5 multiparts goblins zombies are sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, allowing a multitude of combinations. 28mm scale models, high quality resin molding.


2019-08-08 Green Walkers


A brand new collection will be released in September 2019, the GREEN WALKERS. This new 28mm scale figurine line specially made for Warhammer 40K, is sculpted by Paolo Fabiani just before he left to work for Gamesworkshop.




2019-08-08 Bulrog the renegade

Bulrog the renegade, is an orc that sells to the hightest bidder, his bestiality has no limit, no breeds frighten him.

Sculpted by Roberto Chaudon, 35mm scale, in high quality resin moulding.



2019-08-08 Miss California


Miss California is undressing to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean on a warm California summer night.

Scale 35mm, drawn and sculpted by Davide Tedeschi, resin casting, limited edition of 200 copies with certificate all numbered.


2019-07-21 MERC - Salentia

The salentias are living in groups on swampy planets, they are good swimmer and jumpers, their big globulus eyes make them fearsome killers day and night. Merc perfeckt for river areas and tripicale jungle.


Availble in stock since today.