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2019-11-29 Black Friday


They are the crazy days, discount of -20 % with code BF2019 and even -30 % on some items with the code HF2019


And you still have the free world wide shipping for any order over CHF 70,--

2019-11-12 FAMA - 2019 - Bulle

We will be in FAMA in Bulle, from Saturday the 16th from 10h00 until 19h00, then Sunday 17 from 10h00 until 17h00. We are offering 15 free entrances right now, contact us at

2019-11-06 Historia 2019

SION 9 - 10 November 2019
We will be present at HISTORIA 2019, 20th exhibition and international competition of models and figurines.


2019-09-02 Green Walkers en stock

The infection began on planet 15034 and spread like a trail of powder throughout the universe. Goblins zombies are coming ...

5 multiparts goblins zombies are sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, allowing a multitude of combinations. 28mm scale models, high quality resin molding.


2019-08-08 Green Walkers


A brand new collection will be released in September 2019, the GREEN WALKERS. This new 28mm scale figurine line specially made for Warhammer 40K, is sculpted by Paolo Fabiani just before he left to work for Gamesworkshop.