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2016-04-25 Tell-Hunter by Arnaud Bellier

We asked Arnaud Bellier to make a new master, this Hunter should hunting with a bow.

Hereby the begining of this master, we called him TELL-HUNTER.


2016-03-24 Speed-Hunter

Speed-Hunter has been sculpted by Gautier Giroud. Since he was young, he was traine to run with his armour, he is the fastest of the clan, he just enjoy to hunt with his 2 knives only.

Casting in resin, scale 28mm, limited run of 300 pieces world wide.

In stock today, price Euros 13.27 or USD 14.70 or CHF 15,--

2016-03-19 Lauréat Montreux Figurines Show 2016

We are very pround to announce you that Antonin Delanoe, who works for us as painter for more than 2 years, have been pricewinner at the Montreux Figurines Show 2016, in the categorie Figurines-Fantastiques-Master with the Silver Medal with our Stormpredette limited edition (out of stock).

Congratulation Antonin ...


2016-03-15 S.T.T.C - Speatsdwarfs

We have to rename the SEPTSNAINS, as 92 % of our purchasers are english spoken, now they are the SPETSDWARFS.

For the Montreux Firgurines Show 2016, we have done the 1st release of the trio of S.T.T.C. which means Spetsdwarfs Team Tunnel Cleaner, which are the specialists to clean the corridors of a dwarf spaceship infested by ennemies.

Scupted by Paolo Fabiani, casting in resin not limited, scale 28mm for 40K.

Today in stock at CHF 9,-- or Euros 7.96 or USD 8.86 per model


2016-02-11 Montreux Miniature's show 2016

It is with an immense pleasure that we announce you that we participate again this year in Miniature's Montreux Show 2016.


She(It) will take place in Switzerland(Swiss) in 1815 Clarens, in the room Omnisport from 12 till 13 March 2016, on Saturday from 11:00 am till 6:00 pm and on Sundays from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm.

We are specially going to bring out for this opportunity " Speed-Hunter " and new Spetsnains. Furthermore, we reserve you on the spot a competition to win figurines 28mm, but hush it is another secret.