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2014-12-19 Stormpredette releas later ...

Today should be release the Stormpredette.

This night my step father (94 years old) died, when he was overhere, he follow all the steps of the product, conception, packing and posting the parcel.

We are leaving today for the funerals.
The Stormpredette is release is schedule to another date.

2014-11-01 Special model for CHRISTMAS 2014

This year we are going to offer you a special model for CHRISTMAS 2014 in a very limiited edition of 50 pieces, this model will be sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, it be the Stormpredette. Hereby the first pictures





2014-10-07 Holydays from 11.10.2014 untill 26.10.2014

I have been working for the same company during the last 30 years, and I won a trip, I will be out of business from 11.10.2014 untill 26.10.2014.

No order will be send during this periode of time

No answer to mails will be done during that time

Las delay for doing your orders will be 07.10.2011, then after the order could not be mail.

Thanks for your understanding.

2014-08-29 Predosien - Eagle

The Predosiens has landed, now his coming the second one, Predosien-Eagle from the mother-ship Quetzalcoatl, jumping on the ennemy. This faboulous model has been sculpted by Zak Valentin.

Casting in resin, model kit which need to be build and painted, limited run of 300 pieces world wide.

Now in stock at the price CHF 16,-- or Euros 13.28 or USD 18.24


2014-07-21 Predosien - Kapatek

This is the 1st of the line Predosien, he has been sculpted by Allan Carrosco, with big muscles, bigger 35mm, still south-american, his name be Predosien-Kapatek, name from the god that he belongs, he is wearing a death-mask and a double wrist-blade, his shield protect him against all kinds of weapons.

Casting in resin, limited run of 300 pieces world wide, model kit which needs to be build and paint. Now in stock.

Price in CHF 16,-- or Euros 13.28 or USD 18.24


The model painted in jade colours has been done a exceptional painter, Antonin Delanoe. The colour full model has been done by Christophe Bauer.