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2014-04-14 Sculptors ....

Recently we ask for a search for several sculptors, and we thank all the people that help us to contact them.


Some have answer, yes for a master and they are : Nelly Auffret (finally a woman), Arnaud Bellier, Christian Hardy, David Ayral et Roberto Chaudon


And they are welcome.

2014-04-14 New product - 28mm

We are going to launch a new product in the 28mm collection.

As you certainly notice, we are showing our models on diorama bases 60mm round shape, which be after fixe on a round wood base.

The first diorama will be dedicated to the Water-Hunterwolrd, this base 60mm has been made by Goldfish of justice and be very soon in stock.



2014-03-28 Victory-Hunter

Victory-Hunter is the 3rd of the deadly trio of gladiators made for us by Allan Carrasco. He is in a victory position, with his huge muscles. He is natif from the planet Rasik-Hunter just like the 2 other ones.

This model is at scale 28mm, the casting is in resin, the kit need to be build and paint by yourself, limited run of 300 pieces world wide.

In stock today, at the price of CHF 13,-- or Euros 10.79 or USD 14.82


2014-03-28 Information on mailing charges for 28mm

According to the new price from post in France, we give you the information for the shipping, and packaging cost for the 28mm models, like follow :


Shipping cost for 2014 CHF Euros USD
01 à 04 models  fr.       14,40  €        12,00  $        16,55
05 à 08 models  fr.       16,40  €        13,66  $        18,85
12 à 16 models  fr.       18,40  €        15,33  $        21,14
17 à 21 models  fr.       22,00  €        18,33  $        25,28
22 à 26 models  fr.       25,60  €        21,33  $        29,42
27 à 31 models  fr.       29,20  €        24,33  $        33,56
2014-03-22 Reward - Wanted


E-mails found : Maxim Corbeil - Roberto Chaudron - Nelly Auffret - Stephane Guerry - Sylvain Quierrion - Christian Hardy - Olivier Bredy - Steve Party.