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2015-10-31 Halloween limited edition : Eternal-Hunter

In the Univers of the Hunter, there is a black hole, in the heart of the black hole be a planet, called Dark Shadow, and when Hunters or Predettes came back from there, they are like .... Eternal-Hunter.

This Eternal-Hunter has been sculpted by Gauthier Giroud, it is a Zombie Hunter, in scale 28mm, casting in resin, very short limited edition of 150 pieces world wide. All with numbered certificats.

Available now : Euros 13,35 ou USD 14,70 ou CHF 15,--


2015-09-25 A new line

The galaxy of the Hunters got several planets, but the univers got also several kinds of creatures.
We have been in contact since 1984 with Cedragon, the painter of several of our 1/6 model lines, he decided to creat a new kind of living, and as we are working together for such a long time, we offer him to joint on our e-shop.
We keep the secret again few weeks, just to let you know, that they are tiny, musculated and heavy armed creatures coming soon ...


2015-09-25 New sculptor : Jean-Marc Brisset

Jean-Marc BRISSET is a new sculptor who joign ou team, he is making a new Hunter in scale 28mm, we will call him : COMETOME-HUNTER. He is invinting his prey to come to him.

This model will be release only in 2016.




2015-09-19 Dioramas 60mm

We added several dioramas bases in 60mm, casted in resin, but this line will not be limited edition.



2015-09-18 New sculptor : Arnaud Bellier

We have a new sculptor, who joint our team, Mr. Arnaud Bellier. Hereby you will found the first pictures of his new Hunter, who be without pity, who is savage and hunt alone ...

28mm, soon available and we call him : Nomercy-Hunter