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2015-08-31 Out of stock for ever

This is the second time this summer that we have to inform you that a model from our line of 28mm is out of stock for ever.

28mm003 Jungle-Predette, she was the first Predette of our line.

2015-08-24 Menton Figurines Show 2015

We should have participate to the Menton Figurines Show 2015,which will held in the Palais de l'Europe on the 12-13 September 2015 in Mention in the the south of the France. But unfortunately, professionnaly we could not be there this year.

This Figurine Show is done by the Association du Grognard, and we offer them 50 x Fast-Hunter to give free to the 50 first visitors at the Mention Figurine Show.



2015-08-13 Out of stock for ever


We are sorry to inform you that the following models in limited edition are all sold :

28mm004  Chasing-Hunter sculpted by Remy Tremblay in scale 28mm

                 2Guns Cleaner sculpted by Narin in scale 1/6

                  Spitter-Hunter sculpted by Sky in scale 1/6

The 3 references are sold out today and will never produce any more.

2015-07-25 Fast-Hunter

Fast-Hunter has been sculpted by Nicolas Nguyen. This Hunter is chassing is prey, with his knive and shoulder canon, all thrue the Lasha-Planet where he came from.

Scale 28mm, casting in resin, limited run of 300 pces world wide. Model kit which need to be build and painted.

Now in stock : Euros 13,-- or USD 13,-- or CHF 13,--


2015-07-04 Summer Sales - 1/6 Collection

Summer sales on all the collection 1/6


We are doing sales on all the model kits scale 1/6, some references are already gone for ever, and some models only one in stock. The prices are including the shipping costs world wide.