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2015-05-01 Arrow-Predette

Arrow-Predette has been sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, she is hunting on the cold and frozen planet of Kuhl-Hunter. She just see her prey, she takes her arrow and will shoot in down for another trophey.

Scale 28mm, casting in resin, limited run of 300 pieces world wide.

Price in CHF 15,-- in Euros 15,-- in USD 15,--

2015-04-10 New Predette from the planet Kuhl-Hunter

Here it is the new Predette sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, she is coming from the Planet Kuhl-Hunter ...


2015-03-23 Predosien-Dragonne

Release in advance during the Montreux Figurine Show, here comes the Predosien-Dragonne, she has been sculpted by Paolo Fabiani. She is the first Predosien-Predette, still be base on the south america warriors, the is goind down the stairs, with her double half-moon blades, ready to kill any one in front of her.

Casting in resin, scale 35mm, limited run 300 world wide.

Price CHF 15,-- or Euros 15,-- or USD 15,--


2015-03-13 Montreux Figurines Show

As we announced you we will be in Montreux Figurines Show 2015.

As it is our first show, we will release earlier at the show

28mm026 Predosien-Dragonne sculpted by Paolo Fabiani, and several diorama bases 60mm for the Predosien line, sculpted by Gold Fish of Justice.

The 25 first people to visit us at the stand, will get a free gift, do not forget to ask us for your free gift when you will meet us.



2015-02-12 New born Speed-Hunter

The casting of "2-Blades-Hunter" and "Running-Hunter" are nearly out of stock, we ask Gautier Giroud to do another running Hunter .... We call him "Speed-Hunter"