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2015-01-26 Longbow-Predette

Longbow-Predette is the first piece sculpted by David Ayral for our line of Predette. He catch very well the idea of a Predette hunting on her cold planet Kuhl-Hunter.

Scale 28mm, cast in resin, limited run of 300 pieces world wide. Model kit which need to be build and paint by yourself.

Price in Euros 14,-- or USD 14,-- or CHF 14,--


2015-01-19 New painter - Antonin Delanoe

A new painter joigned us, it is a Swiss painter name Antonin Delanoe, that we meet also in Montreux Miniatures Show in 2014. Hereby you will found the list of the prices won :

Eurominiatures in 2012 in Payerne (Switzerland) Bronze Master

Fantask Open in 2012 in Lyon (France) Silver confirmed and best of the show display

Montreux Miniatures Show in 2012. Gold confirmerd and special price for souvenir fantastic

Lugdunum Show in 2013 in Lyon (France). Gold confirmed

Fantask Open in 2013. Gold confirmed, best of the show display, a price for speed painting and master paint.

Lugdunum Show in 2014. Argent master

Montreux Miniatures Show in 2014. Argent master et price from Montreux town.


(on left of the picture)

2015-01-19 New painter - Eric Borel

A new painter joigne us, Mr. Eric Borel, who we meet last year at the Montreux Figurines show in Switzerland. Hereby you will found the list of the prices that he won :


World Expo : Certificat of merite in catégoria master (2002)

Gérone : Gold

Montreux : Best of the show (2010)

Montreux : Argent (2011)

2011 until 2014 : Expo UNIDE in Yverdon (Switzerland) initiation of painting

World Expo certificat de mérite, catégorie master (2002)


(in front of the picture)

2015-01-08 Shipping cost increase + Good news

Huntill 2014 we use to ship from France. But we just have been inform by the France post that the shipping costs for parcel are increased. For exemple for the classical parcel for the 28mm, the price will be higher of more than 4 Euros.

For the moment we will keep our price like in 2014. Then we will check all products with the shipping costs and we will have to adjust the prices.

Good news, we change the exchange rates and it is better this year for you.

2014-12-22 Stormpredette : Special model for CHRISTMAS 2014

Release of the very short limited edition of 50 pieces world wide and all numbered, the Stormpredette has been sculpted by Paolo Fabiani.

Scale 28mm, casting in resin. The only information that we have on her, be that this Predette is the best hunteresse of her wolrd, proving by her trophies, the armour of stormtrooper and his weapon.

In stock today.


Price in Euros 13.28 or USD 18.24 or CHF 16,--