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2016-02-05 Predosien-Shogun

This is a new spaceship patrolling around the Hunter solar system, the Shinkansen VNSE, and It is the predosien first one of a series of model of Japanese orientation. Predosien-Shogun has been sculpted by Gautier Giroud, in a victory position in front his ennemies. Casting in resin, scale 35mm and limited run of 300 pieces world wide.


In stock today at Euros 13,27 or USD 14,70 or CHF 15,--


2015-12-24 Spetsnains are coming ....

The ice-cold wind was sweeping the freshly fallen snow. The banister of the vessel fell heavily on the icy ground. The lights on each side got clearer, creating a bluish halo in a whirlwind of snowflakes. A man of small stature came down the banister, his braids beating in the wind, and stood firmly on his muscular legs. Then, he slid the right hand under his thick Dastumes fur coat, of the Planet Kuhl-Hunter, caressing the stick of his Mauselaire C69 loaded with 300 stings. He had owed his survival only to his atavistic and almost animal distrust.

Suddenly, coming from the stratosphere of this glacial planet, lights appeared, announcing a vessel whose power threw snow in all directions. The man, blinded, protected his eyes with his powerful and rough hands, witnesses of the numerous past years in metal labour.

A glittering light coming from the inside blinded the man. He saw an immense silhouette take shape, a long cape floating in the frosty wind. The newcomer, whose metallic boots’ hammering dimmed the weighing silence, went down with a haughty walk, his helmet under the arm, his dreadlocks flying according to the wind.

He stopped a few steps away from the small man. The latter sketched a smile. Lord Hunter greeted him with a movement of the head and turned around, everything whilst supporting himself on his wrist-blade, to watch four tip trucks sliding slowly off the banister. They overflowed of Mameth’s ivory, aquatic séfirs’ teeth and a multitude of various and precious furs.

The small man examined scrupulously their contents, then pressed on a small remote control which was in his pocket and a container flew by electro-magnetization to him.

The mandibles of the Hunter slammed! Apparently, he seemed perfectly satisfied by opening the container. Inside were armours, shoulder artillery, sabres and various knives, telescopic lances, flying disks, as well as several sets of wrist blades.

The Hunter greeted by reverence, and the small man replied to him by placing his hand on his heart. The Hunter followed the container by a fast step which rose in its vessel. The banister closed in a banging and a cloud of snow swept the square. The vessel took off towards the stars, by disappearing in the firmament of the constellations.

The small man uttered a whistling; followed by six electric cracklings which formed a circle around the location of the Hunter vessel and appeared, as if by magic, their camouflage which had concealed themselves having extinguished, men just as small and stocky, all heavily armed. They grouped together and all burst out in a hollow laughter: another bargain made!

Hunters and Predettes are unmistakably the best hunters of the galaxy, but the Dwarfs will always be the best blacksmiths of the universe. But excellence has a price, and nobody would want to venture themselves to swindle them, the Dwarfs are by far too dangerous.


The Spetsnains scout are deployed, they are the first one to de dropped on the zone ...

Youri the Vulcannair carrier and smoker, Stanilav the exper in communication and the jumper, sprinter Yvan.

They are all in stock today, price by unit is CHF 9,-- or Euros 8.01 or USD 8.82

2015-12-18 Out of stock for ever - Stormpredette

Another model it out of order for ever, Stormpredette from Paolo Fabiani. This model will never been produce.


2015-12-04 Out of stock for ever

The last Tromblon-Hunter has been sold today, this limited of 100 pieces of this model Untill Death is sold out. This kit will be never produce any more.

For your information this less then 10 pieces of Double-Axe and Assault-Hunter in stock, last chance to have them.


2015-10-31 Halloween limited edition : Eternal-Hunter

In the Univers of the Hunter, there is a black hole, in the heart of the black hole be a planet, called Dark Shadow, and when Hunters or Predettes came back from there, they are like .... Eternal-Hunter.

This Eternal-Hunter has been sculpted by Gauthier Giroud, it is a Zombie Hunter, in scale 28mm, casting in resin, very short limited edition of 150 pieces world wide. All with numbered certificats.

Available now : Euros 13,35 ou USD 14,70 ou CHF 15,--